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Free Your Data: Panoply Delivers World’s Only Smart Cloud Data Warehouse

SAN FRANCISCO, November 14, 2017 – Benefitting more than 100 customers since its quiet launch earlier this year, Panoply shifts to general availability of the world’s only Smart Cloud Data Warehouse. Panoply CEO and Co-Founder Yaniv Leven details the announcement in a blog post, “Panoply Moves to General Availability on the World’s First Smart Cloud Data Warehouse - Fully Self-Driving and Autonomous,” on the company’s website.

Panoply’s cloud-native solution catapults into an industry that hasn't changed in more than four decades, by providing a frictionless, self-serve data-management experience without the need for human intervention – a previously unaccomplished feat.

Driven by a unique architecture based on machine learning algorithms, Panoply’s Smart Cloud Data Warehouse onboarding process results in 70% of customers being able to ingest and optimize petabytes of data in real-time, free from IT constraints. So far, these field proven efficiencies correlate to:

●      8,500 analysis hours saved

●      600,000 queries optimized at a 95% reduction in runtime

●      80% faster dashboard return times

All features and benefits of the Smart Data Warehouse can be found at

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About Panoply

Panoply is the world’s only Smart Cloud Data Warehouse. Built for the cloud, Panoply delivers the industry’s fastest time to insights by eliminating the development and coding typically associated with transforming, integrating, and managing data. Panoply’s proprietary AI technology automatically enriches, transforms and optimizes complex data, making it simple to gain actionable insights. The company, based in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, is privately held and funded by investors such as Intel Capital, 500 Startups, Blumberg Capital, and C5 Capital. For more information and a list of career opportunities, please visit, or on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Key Takeaways
  • Panoply announces general availability of its Smart Cloud Data Warehouse, the world's first.
  • 70% of customers able to ingest and optimize petabytes of data in real-time, free from IT constraints.
  • 600,000 queries optimized at a 95% reduction in runtime.
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